What sets us apart?


   All the staff at Brown's Family Funeral Home believe that your celebration of life shouldn't come with a financial crisis with the ever growing cost of funerals. We pride ourselves in our very competitive packages we have put together.The loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult times of your life and we will not add to the suffering with an outrageous funeral bill. We have designed these prices to be the most compeitive prices in the tri-county area without losing the essence of the service.Every time you call on us, your loved one will be treated with the upmost respect they deserve, as if they were our own family. The funeral process is about honoring the life that your loved one lived, celebrating the time you had with them and reflecting on all the memories. Its about us taking care of your every need and doing so in a professional manner. It's about your loved ones final farewell not the number at the bottom of a contract for everyone at Brown's Family Funeral Home. 



Pre-planning is very important, but it is essential that you understand that any pre-planned or pre-paid polices are transferable. In most cases a refund of the cost difference will be returned to the family. 

  When pre-planning, it is important your family knows where all personal documentation is located such as, your social security card, birth certificate, marriage license, burial lot deeds, wills, insurance policies, and military papers. All these things are imperative to planning a funeral service. Another part of pre-planning that is to easy to forget is picking out and purchasing cemetery lots, or discussing what to do with your ashes when you are returned to your family. 


  Pre-planning is something that makes the process easier on all parties but remember just because you have done it many years ago with another funeral home, does not mean you can not transfer your policy or plan to another funeral home. 

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