The following funeral plans have been selected to ease the decision making process for our families during there most difficult time. Each package has a set of preselected caskets for your families to choose from. All of the services provided in theses plans are services for a standard funeral service. All packages are eligible for upgrade to the family's desire. A complete GPL,CPL, and OPL will be provided at the funeral home. All packages include the following; Basic services of staff, removal of the deceased, embalming, other preperations of the body, viewing, equipment for church or graveside service, hearse, flower car, register book, standard folders, thank you cards, casket, Concreate box, and cemetery set up. We pride ourselves in the prices we have created for these packages, and hold the highest standards in quality and affordability. 


Direct Cremation                                             $995.00

W/memorial service, book, folders                 $1,690.00

W/embalming,service,viewing,book,folders  $1,940.00 


service, book, folder                                        $2,565.00

W/embalming,funeral service, dressing,

casketing, casket, book, folders, hearse           $3,265.00

Traditional Package


All above listed

Choice of 20 gauge (non sealing) casket

(Five colors and styles)


Preferred Package


All above listed

Choice of 20 gauge (sealing) casket

Five colors and styles


Premium Package


All above listed

Choice of 18 gauge (sealing) casket

Five colors and styles


Forest Package


All above listed

Choice of wood (solid) casket

Five finishes and styles


Premium Hardwood Package


All above listed

Choice of hardwood (sold) casket

Five wood types and finishes


Supreme Package
All above listed
Choice of Stainless Steal casket
Three colors and styles


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